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Welcom to the BOOM BOOM ROOM here are Musica's and WAV files for you to listen.

Richards BOOM BOOM ROOM has been visited times

Oh..SHIT! siad by Spike in the Movie::
Rodimus saying is famous word's in the Movie::
Arise Rodimus Prime:
Unicron giving Magatron his name:
The Narrator sets the stage for Transformers:
When Rodimus says bahh..nahh..graanaa....weep..nini bong..:
When Megatron says ( Its over Prime):
Ultra Magnus saying (Damnit open!):
Optimus sayin that he needs luck:

Here are WAV files that are in Episodes after the Movie

Autobots Clones: "Rodger dodger Optimus Prime.....:
Cyclonus request to hunt Autobots:
Wreck-Gar tells Rodimus that he is a Doctor not a forklift:
Decepticon Clones " There is, the key....":
Defensor: "This would be alot easier if...":
Galvatron commands Pretaking:
Bumblebee ask Optimus a Question:
Someone talking about Ratbat:
Rodimus and Optimus discuss about the Matrix:
Starscreams Ghost:
Trypicon says he wants to crush Metroplex:
Preceptor: " Don't hesitate to call me":
Runamuck "We're the only ones who are charging":

Here are voices of Giant Transformers

Bruticus faces Devastator:
Defensor warns Bruticus:
"Decepticons, get ready to face Fortmaximus":